Dear Potential New Member,

Welcome to our great community! Thank you for your interest in going Greek at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln! We pride ourselves in holding our members to the highest standards of excellence, whether in the classroom, with service to the local community or as leaders on and off campus. When you join a fraternity, you not only represent our Greek community, but also the University as a whole.

We offer a wide variety of fraternities here; we feel that no matter the individual, there is a right fit for everyone. Each fraternity emphasizes different values, and perspectives, so make sure you join the one that best fits you. Your decision to join will impact you positively every day. It will help to mold and shape you into both a better man and a well-rounded member of the University of Nebraska--Lincoln community.

I hope and wish you the best of luck in your search.

Josh Johnson
IFC Director of Fraternity Recruitment

Upcoming Recruitment Dates

If you are interested in attending some of our upcoming community-wide recruitment events, please add these dates to your calendar:

May 9, 2015: FOR SENIORS IN HIGH SCHOOL- Our fraternities must maintain limited contact with high school students until the end of the spring semester. You may not hear from fraternity recruitment chairs until this date.

June 7-8: Greek Getaway (Weekend-long recruitment for students traveling a distance to campus). If you are thinking about joining us for Greek Getaway, please consider signing up for your orientation day on June 6 or June 9.
Register for the 2015 Greek Getaway at

August 15, 2015: If you have a housing contract with University Housing, but are going to be living in the Fraternity House, please cancel before this date to minimize financial penalties.

Go Greek!

 We are so excited to have you join us at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. If you have any questions please contact myself at, Jon Gayer, our Coordinator for Fraternity Life, at  or 402.472.2582, or our main office at 402.472.2582.