What is Greek Ignite?

Greek Ignite is a browser-based software program (also known as software-as-a service) used to manage and improve communication during and after fraternity recruitment. There’s nothing to download or install, and the program is updated and improved constantly as part of your subscription. We also offer support. Greek Ignite is purchased by a university office of greek affairs or by a university inter-fraternity council.

What does it do?

Greek Ignite becomes the official means of applying for fraternity recruitment on your campus as a campus wide platform. Every recruitment chairmen uses this software to organize their recruiting efforts and to stay informed. There are other benefits; for example the program helps fraternities collect room and board more quickly by allowing members to pay bills online for just $.25 per transaction.

Why should I buy it?

It’s way, way better than paper or Microsoft™ Excel.™ or Google™ Docs.™ With this software, you always know the basics. For example, ever ask yourself, “Hmmm, I can’t get ahold of Tom. I wonder, is he not returning my texts because he’s on vacation in the Yukon joined another fraternity?” Greek Ignite will tell you: Tom has joined another fraternity.

How is Greek Ignite better than the competition?

Our software has been built by experts in 2014-2015 and we’re committed to completely rewriting the software code base every three years so that the program always runs well. If you look at (or have experience with) our major competitors, you’ll see their programs are usually out of date, clunky, and hard to use.

We’re the exact opposite: our user experience is second to none.

If you have a long-term contract with our direct competition, we’ll give you a year of free service for switching. Just email us a copy of your contract and we’ll give you $600 or a year’s worth of service as a thank you for switching.

How does your pricing work?

The base model of Greek Ignite costs $49 per month for your entire campus. No it doesn’t matter how many chapters you have, it’s $49 per month.

Is this designed for formal or informal fraternity recruitment?

Greek Ignite answers this underlying question: where is the recruit in the recruitment process? This is a huge need for chapters and university offices alike regardless of the recruiting style on campus. The system will work for either, but there is no bid-matching functionality for formal recruitment.

What do you do with our personal information?

Any personal info like your address, phone number and student ID are used for recruitment / online bill pay / shipping and handling purposes only.

Do you sell or share your users personal information with third parties?


What are the general benefits of using Greek Ignite?

You will save time and money while recruiting. Last year a major university was able to double their applications using our software. Your chapters can eliminate all the other recruitment software they are using and just use Greek Ignite, which means they will save lots of money.

What are the benefits for Greek Affairs?

You can mass text message potential new members from your office, which is convenient for day-of event changes. At all times, Greek Ignite acts as a constantly updated roster so you know who has joined what chapter.

What are the benefits for Recruitment Chairmen?

The benefits are numerous. For the first time, recruitment chairmen don’t have to deal with paperwork. They can go to one centralized place to see exactly who is still available for recruitment, that way they don’t waste time recruiting guys who have already signed somewhere else.

What are the benefits for recruits?

There is one central place to apply for and learn about recruitment, as well as learning about every fraternity on campus. The university mass text-messaging option also keeps potential new members in the loop for sudden changes (such as an outdoor event being moved due to rain).

What are the benefits for advisors?

Your recruitment chairmen can make you a “recruitment observer” so that you can page through all the applications and keep an eye on recruitment.

Why shouldn't we use Greek Ignite?

Not using Greek Ignite is perfect for anyone who wants to maintain the status quo, anyone who enjoys paper cuts, or those people who are afraid to use computers.

Can I purchase the program outright?

No. Subscriptions work best because they include service and are constantly upgraded as new browsers and software comes about.

Why don't you have this kick ass feature?

Demand it via email; click here.